Healthcare insurance

Everyone in Holland must have insurance for medical expenses. Which type of healthcare insurance you need depends on your personal situation.

There are three different types of cover: Dutch public healthcare insurance, an EU Health Insurance Card or a private insurance. If you answer the following questions, you will find out which option applies to you.

1. Are you in the Netherlands for study purposes only?

Please note - 'for study purposes only' means you will not do a part-time job next to your studies.

2. Are you 30 years of age or older?

    • Yes: see question 3
    • No: see question 4

3. Is your stay in Holland permanent?

4. Do you come from the EU, the EEA or Switserland?


Dutch public healthcare insurance

If you are obliged to take out Dutch public healthcare insurance (zorgverzekering), you are free to buy insurance from any Dutch public healthcare insurance company. Ask your school, employer or internship provider if they can refer you to an insurance company that will give you a discount.

Please note that a Dutch public healthcare insurance only covers your medical expenses. You will need to take out a separate repatriation insurance and liability insurance.

Read more about other insurances. 

If you take out a Dutch public health insurance, you may be eligible for compensation for your insurance costs. This compensation is called healthcare allowance(zorgtoeslag). 

Please note: if you are obliged to take out public health insurance but you fail to do so, you may get charged a fine.

EU Health Insurance Card

Holland has health insurance treaties with a number of countries. This includes all EU countries and Switzerland. So if you are an EU/EEA or Swiss national studying in Holland, but not working or doing an internship here, your national health insurance policy in your home country covers your stay in Holland.

Your insurance company can issue you with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). As long as you do not work or take up a paid internship in the Netherlands, you are not obliged to take out any additional insurance in Holland.

More information on the EHIC is available on the website of the European Commission.

Private healthcare insurance

If you are not an EU/EEA or Swiss national and you will not work or do an internship next to or as part of your studies in Holland, you need to check whether your existing insurance covers your stay in Holland. You can also find out whether your country has an international treaty with Holland as described above.

If the answer to both questions is no, you need to take out a new or special insurance policy for your stay in Holland.

The following two companies offer special insurance for international students:


AON Students Insurance

More information

You can find more details, for example on what is considered a permanent stay, in our factsheet:

Download the factsheet healthcare insurance for international students in the Netherlands(142.8 kB)

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