Diploma evaluation

When you come to study in Holland, your host institution needs to know if your diploma qualifies you to enter the study programme. You do not have to prove this yourself. The institution can have your diploma evaluated free of charge by Nuffic.

Nuffic acts as the Dutch National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) for the evaluation of foreign diplomas in higher and general secondary level education. It has a number of in-house experts who are specialised in the education systems of various countries.

These experts can compare your diploma to the Dutch system to see if you meet the admission requirements of the institution. Please note that this evaluation is just an advice and that the institution will take the final admission decision.

How does it work?

Where possible, a foreign diploma is compared to a Dutch diploma. If this is not possible because your prior study programme is unique, a comparable level is indicated. In addition, individual courses or modules that were taken, the study load and the academic level of the programme are taken into account.

As well as evaluating the diploma, Nuffic can also determine whether a programme or education institution is officially recognised and assesses the authenticity of diplomas.

Download and view the evaluation of the most common qualifications in India 

Other Nuffic recognition services

Nuffic is a member of a variety of national and international networks in the field of higher education and it keeps an extensive archive of diplomas and documents. It provides credentials evaluations on request.

For more information, please visit the Nuffic website.

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