Ajith Sridharan

MSc in Aerospace, Delft University of Technology.

Posted by Lincy Gomez at Dec 14, 2012 07:40 AM

I learned about Delft University of Technology here in the Netherlands through a good friend of mine. I was informed that the university is well known for its contribution in the field of aerospace and air transport operations.I did more background research through the internet while also contacting the professors at the faculty and learning more about the courses that were offered at that time.

The information I obtained afterwards really captured my attention and further motivated me to apply to this research university. The University International Office provided me excellent guidance during the application stages, and the process of transitioning to my university study here was very well coordinated and organised.

Dutch language skills

I would also like to advise my fellow students and friends who wish to come to the Netherlands to further their studies that they should equip themselves with Dutch language skills in order to survive in their respective fields. This will also enable them to transition smoothly to the work environment after their studies if they wish to extend their career here in the Netherlands.

Cooking will come in handy especially because restaurants here are quite expensive and eating out may not always be an option. The studies are fast-moving and will require dedicated effort, yet there will always be time to enjoy social life and partying.

Furthermore, I would recommend that my fellow Indian students enrol at their university of choice depending on their passion for the courses on offer, and not only take the university rankings into consideration.

Posted by Lincy Gomez at Dec 14, 2012 07:40 AM