Anand Mishra

MA in International Service Management, Stenden University of Applied Sciences

Posted by Lincy Gomez at Dec 14, 2012 07:45 AM

During my search for higher education programmes abroad, I came across Stenden University (known then as CHN). I wanted to study in Europe, and the curriculum looked interesting to me - these were deciding factors in my choice to come here.

There are a lot of cultural changes when moving from Asia to Western Europe. The Dutch culture holds a higher level of respect and tolerance for each other's thoughts and wishes. The general mentality of people is also different, with Indians being more social and community-oriented and the Dutch being relatively more reserved and individualistic. The Dutch are polite, innovative, know how to combine fun and work and also look at alternative forms of society and living.

The large number of English-speaking people also makes it attractive for business and living. The multiculturalism in Holland facilitates good and diverse student relationships. While there are good facilities for study, sport, recreation and leisure, arranging housing facilities can be a challenge.

A personal investment

My study has been really great so far and I have even diversified into other learning areas. The education I received here was also based on leadership and value principles with a sustainability theme.

I would advise foreign students to study in the Netherlands for the points mentioned above. Please remember that in the Netherlands you will have to take care of a lot of things yourself. What was a problem for me was the tedious process of getting documents and paperwork in order.

To be very honest, just like anywhere else in the world, a lot depends on you, and it is your effort and your perspective that ultimately paves the way for your experiences in the Netherlands.

Posted by Lincy Gomez at Dec 14, 2012 07:45 AM