Chetna Chandrakant Ipar

Netherlands - A wonderland

Posted by at Jul 02, 2013 10:17 AM

"I believe Netherlands is the most friendly European country to pursue your education.I have been to other places too in Europe, but Holland has its own charm of liberty, freedom and good quality of education. I am pursuing my Masters in Food Technology in Wageningen University (WUR). We experience a sense of independence and yet a great bonding with multi-cultural people in the university. The country is excellent for shaping not only your career but also your personality.

Professors in the university are extremely motivating and they personally advice you with every single detail you need. All the communications can be efficiently done even throught emails. Being energetic, professional and most importantly, communication and exposure to so many international aspects (food,culture, dressing,language) is what I learnt. I have actually learnt more thing than just getting bookish knowledge. The people here are extremely polite and patient in the working environment of banks, hospitals, universities, grocery shops etc.

I call it a wonderland because you see the green grasslands with cows, sheeps, horses just like in picture. It has widespread tulip fields, windmills, amazing cycle tracks, little farmhouses for feeling close to Nature and its beauty.

A tip to my junior friends: get acquainted with Dutch after coming to Netherlands. Dutch makes things smoother and more beautfiul.

I would say: leave all your worries in India and welcome to Holland"

Posted by at Jul 02, 2013 10:17 AM