Gautham Ram

M Sc. Electrical Power Engineering at TU Delft

Posted by Lincy Gomez at Dec 14, 2012 08:10 AM

Why did you choose Holland?

Good reputation of TU Delft

What was your first impression when you landed in Holland?

Clean surroundings, beautiful scenery, English speaking Dutch people, yellow trains and all the bicycles caught my eye when I landed in Holland.

The people...

The people are very helpful and they speak fluent English. The Dutch are direct and frank in their opinions and open minded. The professors treat you as equals and you don’t have to call them ‘sir’; something quite new compared to India.

How did you choose your course/university?

I knew students from my university in India who were doing their studies at TU Delft and they provided me with very good feedback. The course content of the MSc program was excellent and very flexible, which I liked very much.

How is your current education system different from that being followed in India?

The focus at TU Delft is solely on understanding and zero on rote memory. Attendance in classes is not compulsory which puts a huge responsibility on the professor to deliver interesting lectures. The examinations are not necessarily written exams and can be submission of reports or assignments or even oral exam! The assignments are quite challenging and plagiarism is of course an offence!! And finally there is always a practical side to everything you learn, giving you a hands-on exposure in your field of studies.

How do you think your study in Holland will help you with your future endeavours?

You study in a multi-cultural environment where the emphasis is on understanding. You are motivated to be independent in your studies and research which is a vital component to mature in your career. There is weightage for your passion and effort and not just the end result which is a driving factor at all stages of your career.

Would you recommend Holland as a ‘Study Destination’? And why?

I would certainly recommend Holland as a study destination. The atmosphere is motivating and programs are well designed. Language is never an issue, which is a big bonus when you are studying in Europe. You are open to career options all over the EU and of course you get to visit all the Schengen countries during the two years of your studies. My only hope is that the tuition fee at technical universities in Netherlands is reduced and brought on par with universities in Swiss or Germany which is of the order of 1500 €/year which would reduce the financial burden on international students.

Your most cherished memory in Holland so far...

My arrival at Schipol, the introductory week at TU Delft, canal cruise in Amsterdam, the Keukenhof gardens, Diwali celebrations at TU Delft and many more ....

Would you like to take up a job in Holland and live there, if there is an opportunity?

Most certainly!

Posted by Lincy Gomez at Dec 14, 2012 08:10 AM