Krishna Srinivasan

Master's in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics at Tilburg University.

Posted by Nuffic Neso India at Apr 20, 2017 07:22 AM

If I wrote about windmills, cheese and Bikes, I wouldn't do justice in describing what the Netherlands has to offer. Over the past 8 months, I have learnt so much about this country. Every time I discover something new, I would look at one of my friends as say "This is why I love this country". If I were to describe everything I have seen, then there won’t be anything left for you to discover. Instead, I want to describe to you one of my favorite things about the Country. In my opinion, the Netherlands can also be called “The land of Choice”.

I was excited to come to the Netherlands 8 months ago for my Master's in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics at Tilburg University. I was amazed at the fact that the country is choice enhancing. The first time I tried to use the coffee machine, I realized that I could choose, on a level of 1 to 5, the amount of Coffee, Sugar and Milk I wanted in my coffee. This was to my advantage because I often find myself in situations where the coffee is too strong and would have to throw away some portion of it. Soon, I realized that I may be fortunate enough to have choices in situations where earlier I had none. For my morning milk, I rotate between Soya Milk, Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Cashew Milk and Rice milk.   I have come across a surprisingly high number of Vegan and Vegetarian Dutch people. In this regard, it is not difficult for me to find vegetarian ingredients in the supermarket and vegetarian food in restaurants.  I find a similar abundance of choice for nearly all the products. I just bought tickets to a concert on Kings Day that lasts for 8 hours. In the concert, I can choose between 33 DJ's and 3 different sub-genres of electronic music. My University enhances choice as well. I am free to take any course I like and can drop a course anytime I like.  I can attend classes but can choose if I want to write the exam for that course. Although my course requires me to complete 7 courses, I can do extra courses, and choose if I want them to show on my diploma. 

A lot of things considered illegal and punishable in the world are in fact illegal but not punishable in the Netherlands. This is a clear message about the government's preferences against coercion. In fact, countries all over the world are following the Nudge Revolution, where they try to nudge citizens into good behavior rather than forcing them or limiting their choice. I study this in one of my courses and it is great to see it being implemented here.

While I wish I could describe to you how this country is punctual, organized and has a knack for finding solutions, I had rather you discover these on your own. While I gave you several examples of how I did have choice I can assure you that I usually don’t have a choice but to say "This is why I love this country". 




Posted by Nuffic Neso India at Apr 20, 2017 07:22 AM