Manas Manohar

Process Technology track of Chemical Engineering at University of Twente

Posted by Lincy Gomez at Jan 10, 2014 11:15 AM

"Hi, I am Manas Manohar from Bangalore, India, studying Process Technology track of Chemical Engineering at University of Twente.

Chemical Engineering is all about "Global perspective for a local problem". Ever since my bachelors I wanted to pursue research in ChemEng. But here in Netherlands?? Amongst dutch people ?? Thought would be really difficult. But few months of studying here changed my perspective. Chemical Engineering at UT is truly a "from Molecule to Process" study. Most courses designed to understand interactions between chemical structures in small scale and how it can affect economic large-scale productions.

Classroom environment here is very interactive with many international students. Even though bachelors is taught in dutch, all masters course lectures are in english (something unique in Dutch education system). I like that majority courses here are designed for teamwork, mimicking real-life process industrial scenario. Working in group of students, gathering ideas, complementing on individual strengths is a new learning experience. 

Assignments (so many of them!!) are designed to challenge our thinking. Some problems are unsolved ones being worked out by researchers globally. 
Even work atmosphere is really casual, no formality. Professors are easy to approach to discuss and clear doubts in course. But experience is beyond classroom. Opportunity to make international and dutch friends, learn new language, go to parties and trips.

Process technology research here @ UT has moved on from basic Heat/Mass transfer to more realistic and challenging areas like membrane sciences,
micro-fluidics and energy alternatives. Facilities and equipments in the lab are amazing for cutting edge research. Working on micro-fluidics as student researcher in SFI group, I realized that understanding small scale phenomena can change future of sciences.

With dutch government investment on Green Energy Initiative and sustainable chemistry, it opens up huge 
opportunities for future chemical students to work/live in such a truly international environment at UT. 
For all prospective Chem Eng students, future of science is in making here."

Source : University of Twente in Holland - India Portal

Posted by Lincy Gomez at Jan 10, 2014 11:15 AM