Mohan Shankar Mokashi

Mohan Shankar Mokashi, fellow of IITM, Enschede, talks about how his Dutch education gave him an edge in developing his career from a mid-senior level to the CEO of a company.

Posted by Vijayalakshmi Ambalavanan at Sep 24, 2013 09:30 AM

I pursued a fellowship programme in textile technology & management at IITM, Enschede. The 16-weeks’ programme, lead to a PG Certificate. Post my graduation, I continued my Deputy Adviser position at TECSOK. My career path took off from mid-level at the time of joining to heading the organization since 2008.  Finding employment post studies in the Netherlands was not only easily but also helpful in growth in career thereon. My education in the Netherlands, armed me with wide international exposure to best practices in Europe, enabling growth in knowledge and approach and deriving benefits of increased salary and up-gradation. Having a Dutch education gave me the capability to respond to different situations.  

Currently, CEO & Chief Adviser of TECSOK since 2008, work involves promotion of investments in Karnataka across various sectors of the economy. Scope is more broad based and advisory in nature for Government of Karnataka. My ambition is to set up own consulting organization for promoting investments in India.

Most cherished memories are the personal relationships developed with mentors as well as local families at Nivjerdal, where I stayed during the period of fellowship.

Posted by Vijayalakshmi Ambalavanan at Sep 24, 2013 09:30 AM