Pradeep Angadi

MBA in International Business & Management student from Hanze University Groningen

Posted by Lincy Gomez at Dec 14, 2012 07:55 AM

The main reason I chose the Netherlands was because of the course, MBA in International Business offered by Hanze University Groningen as a double degree programme. The partnership of Hanze together with Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge was just the cherry on top of the cake. Moreover, I have travelled across Europe before and the Netherlands stood out from the rest cause of its people and culture.

The MBA in International Business was my main choice of study because: first, it was a dual degree programme which provided the opportunity for a semester at Cambridge; second, I wanted to explore my career in the two areas of Strategic Management and International Business Environment that have specific focus in the study.

In my class we’ve got 29 students from 22 different countries. What a variety! I have the opportunity to learn about different cultures, language, food and certain dos & don’ts of a country or culture.

Overall, Groningen is a very well-balanced place. It has everything which is required to have a balanced life. Bars, Disco, Park, Library, Opera, Sports and everything are just part of the facilities open to everybody. For example, I prefer swimming and squash and I go to ACLO (a big student sports centre) that provides all the facilities required for any kind of sports activity. Furthermore, Groningen has got some amazing bars, disco and live bands. It also has cinemas and opera house which are worth visiting.

One of my favourite activities in the Netherlands has become fishing. I happen to meet some Dutch people who are teaching me how to do fishing and so far I have really enjoyed it!

It will be a cliché to say this but I have to say “Groningen is one of the best student cities to study in the Netherlands; it gives you every opportunity to be what you are and to achieve what you want. I would say to any student who comes to study here that he or she would create lifetime memories and friends” - “It’s Groningen, come and check it out!”

Posted by Lincy Gomez at Dec 14, 2012 07:55 AM