Pranali Buch

Research master's in Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine, Maastricht University

Posted by Lincy Gomez at Dec 14, 2012 07:55 AM

Holland is not a very common place for Indian students to go and study. However, I consider myself blessed to have been able to come and explore an entirely different and a unique palce in the world. It has been almost ten months now that I am in Holland. The first two days made me feel homesick but now I enjoy living here more than ever. The friendly Dutch people helped me to figure out the transportation details and the product names in English in the supermarkets so now I at least know some Dutch.

Housing can be pretty expensive, depending on your preferences, but it is very safe and nice. I have rented a studio. Most student cities are a hub of international students and hence it is not at all difficult to make friends. If you are open to exchanging cultural ideas, Holland is the place to be.

As far as education is concerned, here there is more of a practical approach and that makes the Dutch people successful and organized in whatever they do. It is a stimulating environment, with journal clubs and problem-based learning, and it is developed my abilities to search for minute details of any subject and learn independently. Furthermore, the university has excellent infrastructure for students.

So guys, if you want to come to Holland for your higher education, don't debate the thought. Just pack your bags and go! However, be ready to face unpredictable weather, the difference in cultural and biking as the mode of transport. If you can edure these things, adjusting here is a piece of cake.

Posted by Lincy Gomez at Dec 14, 2012 07:55 AM