Venkat Subramaniam

Masters in Computer engineering, TU Delft

Posted by Lincy Gomez at Dec 14, 2012 08:15 AM

A year and a half  before, if you had asked me where TU Delft and Netherlands are, I definitely wouldn't have know it. But now, I know this place so well, and I would recommend this university to anyone, who wants to experience some world class research. I came to know this university through one of my friend who did his masters here and currently doing his PhD. The main reason for choosing this university is because of the excellent research facilities, very flexible coursework and freedom to do what you like.

Ever since my application process, the university has been very helpful and prompt in replying to my queries. You always get a reply within 2 working days. And likewise, the university lived up to it, by organizing an excellent reception at the airport from the time we arrived, until they dropped us at the doorsteps of our rooms in Delft. Well, it doesn't end here. They helped us in all ways they could. They showed us in and around Delft and Netherlands, organized various events to get familiar with the new place, and also get along with the international students from various countries.

May be its all a part of the Dutch planning system, but well I doubt if anyone would have anything to complain about it. Well, coming to the conclusion, I would recommend this university to anyone who wants to experience a very vibrant and friendly atmosphere with world class research work.

Posted by Lincy Gomez at Dec 14, 2012 08:15 AM